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Why initiate a CSR process?

Faced with today’s economic, social and environmental challenges, companies must reinvent themselves and create innovative, agile and collaborative models. The implementation of a CSR approach, through profitable solutions, enables companies to respond to their essential challenges and thus improve their sustainable performance and the creation of shared values.

  • Making more efficient use of resources (energy and materials), eliminate waste and reduce waste treatment costs.
  • Developing innovation and promoting new business models: leasing, sharing, eco-design, circular economy, functional economy, productive resilience.
  • Reducing taxes and improving bank rates
  • Enhancing the company’s image, generating brand preference and greater customer appeal.
  • Controlling the value chain (suppliers, partners) and developing greater reactivity / flexibility regarding disruptive changes (e.g. COVID).
  • Better responding to new purchasing trends by establishing a regular dialogue with key partners.
  • Improving customer relationship and loyalty.
  • Improving employee motivation.
  • Giving meaning to their job and building loyalty.
  • Creating a positive dynamic within the company and encouraging dialogue with employees.
  • Attracting new talent
  • Reducing the risks of absenteeism (health, safety) and improving the company’s productivity.
  • Anticipating compliance obligations
  • Understanding your company’s environmental impact in order to better reduce it (product life cycle analysis, carbon footprint) and thus aligning with the national low-carbon strategy (carbon neutrality by 2050).
  • Taking better account of and managing risks (legal, economic, environmental, social, etc.).
  • Integrating and bringing to life its ISO management system (ISO 14001, 9001).
  • Offering a long-term vision of the company’s development and strengthening its sustainability.
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