CSR workshops, evaluation, strategy, steering and certification

From the identification of your challenges, the co-construction of your responsible strategy and its operational implementation, I propose a 5-step transition plan in line with your objectives and ambitions. besustainaball brings you its experience and (renewable!) energy.

To be or not to be is no longer the question today.







From collective awareness to commitment. My trademark? To respond as well as possible to your needs and your teams. Promoting the awareness of CSR themes to make it a powerful tool for team commitment.

Your needs

  • Develop positive dynamics and commitment within your company

  • Promote collective intelligence around unifying topics

  • Raise your employees’ awareness and develop their skills on sustainable development topics (circular economy, CSR, global warming) during collaborative workshops lasting 3 hours to 1 day.

My service

Collaborative workshops or seminars from 3 hours to one day within your organisation or outdoors.

Analysis of your environmental and company practices

Collective brainstorming on ways to improve overall performance or thematic areas (impact of digital, waste, etc.).

Proposition of concrete actions to be deployed within the company

Collective intelligence workshop based on the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the components of climate change and its systemic nature.

Online or in person.

This two-part workshop (theory & practice) aims to increase your staff’s knowledge of the topic and get them to think about product eco-design, the functionality-based economy and the development of new high-performance business models.
Tailor-made workshops according to your needs and internal company challenges.

Starting with awareness… My trademark? To transpose essential frameworks such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs) and the ISO 26000 international standard on CSR to your business context.

Your needs

  • Benefit from external CSR expertise

  • Understand your starting point by evaluating your practices

  • Anticipate and control your risks

My service

  • Mapping of your stakeholders and their expectations

  • Analysis and prioritisation of your ongoing challenges and those of your sector

  • Identification and interview-based consultation of your key internal and external stakeholders

  • Assessment of your current CSR practices

  • Identification of your assets & areas for improvement

  • Writing and submitting a CSR audit report


…and building ownership. My trademark? Involving a large number of co-workers in drawing up the action plan and thus encouraging everyone’s support in order to build your sustainable development strategy together.

Your needs

  • Formalise your approach by integrating it at the heart of your overall corporate strategy

  • Define the action plan and deploy it

My service

  • Performing a carbon footprint assessment.
  • Setting out the priority areas of commitment and the corporate vision.
  • Development of an action plan (over several years with indicators, project leads, timing, budget and targets to be achieved).
  • Implementation of initiatives steering tools: Selection of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) + Definition of the level of ambition and objectives (measurable and achievable) to be reached at the end of your roadmap.
  • Progress evaluation.


… Steering your approach (measuring, communicating, directing).  My trademark? An independent expert acting as a part of your team for a one-off mission or on a longer term basis: an outsourced CSR function.

Your needs

  • Structure your deployment plan (organization, functions, processes, communication, etc.).

  • Communicate with your stakeholders (internal & external) about your company’s commitment and progress.

  • Accelerate the cultural transformation of your company.

My service

  • Steering and monitoring of the action plan.

  • Development of a communication plan (internal & external) based on the media used by the company (intranet, posters, newsletter, events).

  • Support development and training (e-learning, explanatory sheets, collaborative workshops) for employees.

  • Setting up a dialogue strategy with your stakeholders via engagement workshops and interviews

  • Definition of the company’s mobility plan.


… Go further in your approach and become a positive influencer. My trademark? An expertise in Business Strategy developed within a multinational adapted to your business context and reality + Trained by the non profit organisation B Lab on the B Corp. certification standard.

Your needs

  • Turn your company into a contributor and influencer with a positive impact on your stakeholder ecosystem: from your suppliers to your customers.

  • Value your responsible approach

My service

  • Guidance in formulating the company’s purpose

  • Co-creation and implementation of virtuous business models (leasing, sharing, productive resilience, frugal innovation, circularity, …)

  • Valorisation of the approach by obtaining B Corp certification.