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The essential needs for your long-term survival and development


This powerful driver of sustainable performance

The implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy within your company will enable you:

  • to respond effectively to your economic challenges for better profitability,
  • to strengthen your competitiveness and customer loyalty,

  • to foster the commitment of your team,
  • to offer a long-term vision of your company’s development, while addressing today’s major economic, social and environmental challenges.
Besustainaball / Consulting / Strategy / sustainable Development / CSR / Responsibility

Thanks to my expertise in Sustainable Development and wanting a pragmatic CSR approach, adapted to your needs and budget, I propose a 5-step transition plan according to your objectives and ambitions in order to “BESUSTAINABALL“.

I support you step by step, from the analysis of your current situation to the co-construction of your sustainable strategy. I will guide you towards its operational implementation and its valorization through certification, while ensuring the engagement of your employees in your approach.

besustainaball, your partner for sustainable performance.


Tailor-made CSR support mission

Each mission is carried out according to the specific needs and ambitions of your company, after an in-depth analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to your sector and field of activity.

They trust me, here is what they say about me:

Géraldine is very flexible and understands the challenges of a small structure, as well as the reality of the market. She motivates you to implement realistic actions in order to reach the objectives we set together.

besustainaball | Conseil | Stratégie | Développement Durable | RSE | AuditMarina Baer, MISE EN ALPES

Géraldine supported me in the definition of my strategy during the pre-launch of my business. Thanks to her expertise in business strategy and her passion for sustainable development, she was able to guide my thoughts on my business model.

besustainaball | Conseil | Stratégie | Développement Durable | RSE | AuditCécile Da Rocha, JANA ROSE PARIS

I loved the discussion at the climate change workshop and the way such difficult scientific information was explained in a simple and playful way.  I recommend everyone to follow it, as I believe it is crucial that everyone understands where our world is heading if we don’t take enough action. The workshop ends positively, with a lot of ideas on what we could do together to make a change!

Wendy, NewMotion


Your partner in Sustainable Development Strategy & Corporate Social Responsibility

“I am deeply convinced that we can accelerate the transition towards a sustainable world, thanks to the emergence – BE – of responsible companies – SUSTAINAB – and their positive influence on their entire ecosystem of stakeholders (suppliers, customers, employees,…) – ALL -.

This is why I created besustainaball, your Consulting Partner in Sustainable Development & CSR in order to reconcile MEANING, PERFORMANCE AND IMPACT.

With over 12 years of experience in Strategy & Project Management, combined with my studies in Sustainability Management, I am able to effectively guide companies and their teams in integrating CSR at the heart of their Strategy and their business. As such, making it a lever for SUSTAINABLE PERFORMANCE…”

besustainaball | Conseil | Stratégie | Développement Durable | RSE | Audit
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Articles, news, reflections and feedback on Sustainable Development and CSR, upcoming collaborative workshops…

01 2022

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Find a sustainable solution for your company today

Your company wants to:

  • conduct a CSR assessment of your current business practices

  • engage in a CSR program

  • value your engagement through a certification

  • start a dialogue with your stakeholders and define your CSR priorities through the materiality matrix

  • raise your employees’ awareness of sustainable development and involve them in your sustainable approach through collaborative and engaging workshops

  • foster product or service innovation

  • benefit from a CSR expertise that is integrated into your organisation for a time period lasting a few months to a several years?

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