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From the Repairability Index to the Sustainability Index

🔧 Since January 1, a new environmental label has been added to electronic and electrical products online and in shops.
This information will help consumers to identify whether the device they buy will be easily repaired in case of breakdown.
This is one of the measures of the anti-waste law for a circular economy voted in February 2020, which should allow the fight against waste and programmed obsolescence
The index is calculated on 5 criteria:
– the access to the technical documentation of the device,
– the level of disassembly of the product,
– the duration of availability of spare parts,
– the ratio between the selling price of the parts and the price of the products sold by the manufacturer,
– a specific criteria for each product family.
Brands that do not display this index are liable to sanctions (from 2022)
The anti-waste law plans to change it to a “sustainability index”.

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