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🔸 Here’s what you should remember (non-exhaustive list!)

▪️ A SOBER WAY OF DOING THINGS (in construction, use, consumption) even before efficiency…in order to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on living things:

➡️ Occupational rate of a tertiary building = 25% 💡Solution: sharing spaces and turning them into multimodal locations in order to optimise their use.

➡️  ‘The cheapest m3 of concrete is the one you do not produce’ says Fabrice Bonnifet, Director of Sustainable Development for the Bouygues Group.

▪️ SOLIDARITY at all levels of the territory to fight against inequalities. Use the strength of the collective.

➡️ ‘Mutual aid leads to the survival of all, competition leads to the survival of a small group’, says Gilles Boeuf Biologist.

▪️FOR BETTER PROSPERITY in a world of finite resources where:
➡️ We need to rethink the role of the company in our society to answer to societal and environmental issues and to be at the service of Humanity and Nature.
➡️ we need to change behaviours through cultural reconstruction (i.e. review youth education programmes) as Raphaël Ménard CEO of AERP said.

And also…

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