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Electronic waste

Weight of electronic and electrical equipment (DEEE)

🤔 57.4 million tonnes??
This is the weight of waste electronic and electrical equipment this year, i.e. +21% since 2014

A problem attributed to :
📈 higher consumption rates of electronics.
♻️ shorter product life cycles
🔧 limited repair options

Indeed in France, each inhabitant generates on average between 14 and 24 kg of electronic waste per year and only 17.4% is directed to management and recycling centres. Yet our devices are mines …. of gold, copper, silver, palladium, etc., which could be recovered and reintroduced into the production cycle and thus reduce extraction (which is extremely energy-intensive) and harmful to the environment.
First step: the implementation of the reparability index to inform customers and push producers towards a more sustainable model!

and also…

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