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A Swiss company celebrating local heritage

Mise en Alpes is a Swiss company that was created with the desire to celebrate local culture and the exceptional environment that Switzerland has to offer. It offers unique and responsible outdoor experiences, honouring this magnificent local heritage and allowing us to reconnect with our environment.

The brand is just launched when it has asked besustainaball to assist it in structuring and determining its strategic positioning, in order to make its responsible engagement shine and assert its commitment.

Structuring the brand’s strategy and implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy

Promote the brand’s sustainable initiative by obtaining a certification recognised by customers and suppliers

Combining a responsible approach with the growth needs of a young company in development

A true collaboration for a co-creation and a better ownership of the topics and action plans.

Effective listening to generate a lot of fruitful exchanges.

Challenges in all kindness.

A solid strategic positioning that supports the communication of the brand in a responsible and committed way.
A certification ‘Bcorp in creation’
A concrete action plan with clear objectives and allowing a constant improvement of performance.


  • Accompagnement dans la définition de la stratégie et des ambitions de marque (Vision, Mission, Objectifs).

  • Accompagnement dans le processus de certification B Corp et force de proposition dans la mise en place de la stratégie responsable de la marque.

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Géraldine helped me to put in place a strategic framework so that sustainability would be fully part of my business. In addition to her rich corporate background, she has a real passion for CSR.
Highly flexible and understanding the challenges of both a small structure and the reality of the market, she motivates to implement feasible actions to achieve the objectives set together.

besustainaball | Conseil | Stratégie | Développement Durable | RSE | AuditMarina Baer, Founder of Mise en Alpes
besustainaball | Conseil | Stratégie | Développement Durable | RSE | Audit
besustainaball | Conseil | Stratégie | Développement Durable | RSE | Audit